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How to Develop Child’s Learning Ability in PRIMARY SCHOOLER (6 – 10 years)– LISTENER SKILLS

How to Develop Child’s Learning Ability in PRIMARY SCHOOLER (6 – 10 years)– LISTENER SKILLS

How to Develop Child’s Learning Ability in PRIMARY SCHOOLER (6 – 10 years)– LISTENER SKILLS

Now your primary schooler needs to assume more responsibility for his behavior, possessions, his movements and completion of task, which he earlier rested upon his teachers. The ability to converse, express oneself and socialize is invaluable to students of any age but particularly important during the primary Classes. As this is the time, when child’s confidence and attitude are getting shaped towards schooling. Listener skills are also needed for reading, music and certain aspects of math. Whether your primary schooler is a Looker, Listener or a Mover, he stands to benefit from development of auditory and language skills.

A Listener child seldom needs reminders to do his homework. Academic work comes so easily to him that many of his assignments seem like fun, rather than a chore. Although they may not need much encouragement at the outset, the Listener thrives on verbal reinforcement of a job done well. It’s a good idea to be generous with phrases like ‘Good Job “and “What beautiful work!”. On those occasions when a Listener’s attention strays from a long writing assignment or a mostly visual task such as solving rows of math problems, you may wish to offer an appealing incentive. “You can call your friend after you have completed practice of your spellings” or “Finish the page, and then you can choose a game to play”.

It’s helpful for a listener child to learn to talk himself through difficult tasks. Reminder your listener to, talk to himself when he is writing. For example, while writing letter ‘C’, he can say Go round to the left and draw a half circle”. The same strategy comes in handy when tackling other fine motor tasks, like shoe tying, wearing a belt or any other gross motor activities.

We also encourage our Listener to use a tape recorder. When he is faced with remembering something new, like math facts or the words to a song, he   can record the information and play the tape back again and again, until he has it memorized.

Enhancing a Primary Schooler’s existing LISTENER Skills.

  • We can encourage them to play ‘KEYWORDS’, one player tries to guess a certain word by guessing synonyms and other one word clues.
  • Put your child into the habit of reading about the author information provided in most books. This will help them view the story in a new light and stimulate his interest in the process of writing.
  • Suggest your child to start a diary in which he can make notes about the special events in his life. This will encourage better spelling skills.
  • Talk about any news stories that you feel are appropriate for a primary schooler. S how your child the headlines and newspaper photos that relate to each story.
  • Read poetry to your child and encourage him to write simple poems of his own. Help him out by suggesting possible themes.
  • We can encourage kids to read bilingual matter, so that he gets encouraged to see translation within various languages.
  • Get your child a dictionary that encourages him to learn more words.
  • U can subscribe to various kids magazines, enhances information and imaginations.
  • Read poems together, this gives primary schooler a taste of poetry reading.

Encouraging the development of LISTENER Skills in Primary Schooler’s who are LOOKERS

  • Encourage your child to make a phone call to relatives and friends.
  • Read books together that your child will enjoy listening and is also simple to understand.
  • Choose a “Word of the Day” and spell it out on the board or refrigerator with magnetic letter. Tell him the meaning of the word and use it in while speaking.
  • Suggest your child to write a book of his own. Spend time with him talking about stories and encourage him to state examples.
  • Encourage learning secondary languages also.
  • You can encourage him to play games of sound recognizing.
  • Ask him to draw a picture of something like Grandmother, house, animals and then help him to make a story about his drawing.
  • Encourage use of picture dictionary. This gives a visual approach to spelling, vocabulary and grammar.
  • You can use various friendly learning app to teach reading, spelling, math, music and science skills through both entertaining visuals and auditory stimulation.

Encouraging the development of LISTENER Skills in Primary Schooler’s who are MOVERS

  • Encourage talking by asking your Mover to invite his friends for a Lunch or nightover.
  • Check the TV shows that your Mover might be interested in. Watch the Show together and then discuss what you saw.
  • You can arrange for kids friendly Microphone and encourage your child to tell a joke, sing or make announcements over the Microphone.
  • One can subscribe to Sports magazine that would be interest to your Mover. Look out for one that would contain interviews with sportsmen, have good pictorial presentation and photos. You may read aloud to your child and use pictures to stimulate questions.
  • Highlight a magnetic “letter of the week” on the refrigerator. Stick pictures related to the letter around it.
  • Encourage your child to use picture in a familiar book as clues to the action as he retells the story in his own words.
  • Phonics book is a good way to develop sound of letters.
  • I f you are a enthusiastic cook then you may cook fooditems eg .cookies in the shape of letters, numbers, symbols etc . And use them to spell out words.
  • Walk with your child and while walking practice rhyming words, naming words , opposites.

Please be patient as you watch for results. Your child’s current skill levels are in development from past 6-7 years, and improvement will definitely take some weeks or months. While experimenting with your child’s skill development you both will get some quality time together.

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