Counselor’s Profile

A Proficient in Schooling Psychology, qualified MBA in HR &Marketing.  Certified in Counseling Psychology.  An Expert Certified as Career Guide. Has keen interest in the field on Child Psychology and Development. She has a strong professional background in Counseling, Mentoring students and Parents. She has past corporate experience of working with prominent Media companies like Indian Express, Times of India and Doshion Ltd for Branding Building and Marketing.

She is passionately working in the field of Child Psychology and Mentoring for more than 10+ years now. She believes each Child is born with an inherent quality, is unique and precious in its own way.  Need is to recognize the inherent qualities and guide them properly and scientifically to develop a successful and content Individual. Opting appropriate technique plays a major role in the SUCCESS, a child can scale up in LIFE. For instance, a wrong career move can be detrimental to the CHILD’s progress in life AHEAD.

PGD in Schooling Psychology

MBA in HR & Marketing.

Certified Career Analyst

Certified in Counseling Psychology

Founder of Rrachna Singhh Center for Developmental Psychology