About Our Parenteen

boy with parents

My kids are my inspiration for OurParenteen.com. The time when my son was born, I felt a need for guidance in the upbringing of my son. I wanted to give him the best care. Already being a proficient management professional with a never give up attitude, made me research hard, day in and day out, for getting the best of everything for my son. My curiosity increased to the level that, I went all the way into studying Child Psychology. It gave me an insight into child development. But my quest didn’t end here. I went in to set up a play school by name of Crayons Preschool, to be able to work closely with the little brains.

I used to see news of suicides, molestation, depression, and growing behavioral disorders. It used to grip me with fear about the future of my son and all the other kids around me. I started analyzing and studying at various levels to find solutions to these problems. My studies went up to  the  extent that I studied metaphysical sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Chakra theories and many more to see if they could be of any help.

Armed with all my research and experiment, I decided to develop a platform, OurParenteen.com. It is a digital platform developed to guide Parents and teens for the best outcome. To help them understand each other better than ever before and avoid unpleasant situations in life. This website would like to help teenagers understand various phases of life and come out of difficulties with glowing colors. Also, we want to address teenagers’ growing needs to develop themselves as a successful individual. We want to help parents with updated information that will guide them through every aspect of life. We want to help parents to create a ‘work-life’ balance and enjoy a ‘healthy lifestyle’ with their family and make up a healthier tomorrow.

 OurParenteen.com is a way to bridge gaps between parents and teens. It is a group where we expect to bring together parents and teens on the same platform. It is our observation that there is always a gap between parents and kids. This gap leads to misfortunes in the lives of our precious ones. Here, we expect every teen to put up his/her query and parents to take responsibility to reply to the query of our growing teens and guide them through difficult times. The other way round, many times we as parents are not clear to our kids, this creates a misunderstanding.

It is a sincere effort to avert unfortunate situations. Our Self Help Programs and workshops are designed to help an individual, be it a teenager or a parent, to develop into a better individual. At times of struggles and confusions, one can take help from these workshops or consulting facility.